Other Services

Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees are special trees and provide not only visual amenity but are home to hundreds if not thousands of other life forms from fungi to bats and are an incredible source of information.

Oakfield can provide you with detailed reports to ensure Veteran trees are maintained and protected for the future.

Internal Surveys

At Oakfield we can provide recommendations to companies that carry out Internal surveying as and when recommended

Tree works

Based on our experience within the industry for many years as Arborists we can recommend fully qualified, experienced and insured Arborists to carry out all tree works. We recommended Arborpro, a fully qualified local firm.


We recommend Wild Frontier, a fully qualified local firm who can provide a wide range of ecology services to meet your needs.

We can also provide:

  • Arboricultural site supervision
  • Planting plans (soft landscaping)
  • Arboricultural related CAD plans
  • Root investigation
  • Tree identification
  • General advice on all arboricultural matters

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Call: 01953 887220

Email: info@oakfieldarb.co.uk